Lifting Platform With Band Pegs

There are many online recipes for building a lifting platform.  Use google. I’ll just point out what I’ve added to mine. To recap, for a 4’x8’ deadlift platform you need:

  • a base of 2x OSB sheets 
  • a central top layer of half an 18mm Plywood sheet (or two halves of a 9mm plywood sheet, stacked).  
  • Two edge pieces of 18mm horse stall mat.  (I like to cut it into 3off 4’x2’ strips, keeping the end pieces for the platform so the factory edges sit nicely against the ply)

An 8’x8’ platform has 4 bottom sheets, a full top central sheet and 2 horse stall mats (Still cut each into 3 2’x4’ strips, discarding the central sections.  Put the home-cut edges at the platform edge.

Band pegs can be made nicely from either gate hinge pegs:

Or Size 1 handrail and fittings:

Also, some shingles make a nice built-in deadlift jack

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