Cable Pulldown/Belt Squat/Monolift

Here you can see my dual pulldown/crossover setup which uses the same frame as my hide-away belt squat and retractable monolift.  

The pulldown/crossover setup has a few aspects worth pointing out:

The pulley above the weights should be directly bolted, not hanging.  A pulley that can swing will induce swinging in the weights.  Other pulleys can swing about without causing this effect.

Additional pulleys and short cable sections can be used for horizontal pulling motions

Chains are used to change the range of motion.

Loading pins can be DIY or purpose built. See here.

The belt squat pivot is simply a frame that rotates on two swivel couplings.  The carriage is suspended by a chain at the top position and the plates touch down at parallel with the chosen platform.  It’s shown below with a handle for shrugs. It also works well for calf raises with the belt.

The monolift overhead support rotates about two swivel couplings at the front of the frame.  The height is adjusted by use of block and tackle (as opposed to the hydraulic adjustment of a ‘proper’ monolift.  The arms rotate about a second pair of swivel couplings.  They will rotate away once the bar is unloaded, but having an operator is better.  I didn’t plan this, I sort of made it up as I went along so it’s a bit wonky.  I plan to rebuild it at some point.

Video to come

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